Friday, May 22, 2015

Canvas Art Display Boards

We are finished with school {mostly, one is still finishing Math!} around here and are enjoying slower mornings. My favorite breakfast lately is homemade granola and it is even better eaten on the screened porch!

One morning, some canvases {also on the porch} caught my eye and were just calling to me! A friend moving recently gave me these two large thrifted canvases and I had thought we'd paint them and do an art project on them but then I thought of all the artwork I am handed regularly that I don't really have a good place to display.

I had originally thought burlap and then walking through Hobby Lobby I spied this lovely gray with polka dots duck cloth that I just knew was perfect. I used  my 40% off coupon and there ya go!

I was feeling sorta sorry to whoever spent time and energy painting these canvases. But, then I didn't feel too bad and wanted to make them more "me." Covering the canvas was really pretty easy - just smooth your fabric out and use a heavy duty stapler to attach to the wood framing.

Rachel was my helper - she went behind each of my staples and hammered it in just make sure it was all the way in there!

Then it was fun to add this rainbow cheeriness!! I did not measure {as usual} but just did the top one first, the the lowest one next and then kept trying to make them look even. Once I finished one board, I used it as a guide for matching up the measurements on my second one.

And, then a few small clothespins and all set! This took me about an hour to make, photograph and hang both boards.

Goodness, now I need to clean off my kitchen table obviously! :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rainbow Wreath

A fun little update for the front door - spotted over on Meg's Instagram feed. I just used black construction paper for the "chalkboard" and about $5 in supplies from Wal-Mart. Some of the ribbons tied around on top are just from my stash/scraps or leftover from another project. So cheerful and happy!!!! What a cute and fun idea! I followed a few links to find the original source of the idea here. So far, this has been the year of making new things for my front door!!!

Valentine's Day

What do you hang on your door in the summer?

PS: I will only be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week - thanks for visiting my blog!!!