Friday, March 27, 2015

Renew: Part Two

Let's keep going with looking at references to the word renew in God's Word:

Psalm 104:30 - God renews the "face of the earth"  when He sends His Spirit.

Isaiah 40:31, "...renew their strength..."

Who will have their strength renewed?
- Those who hope in the Lord!
- Everyone gets run down; even the "youth" grow tired and weary, stumble and fall.

Where am I right now? Renewed in strength? Tired and weary?

What does it mean to "hope" in the Lord?
- Remember, hope in the Bible is not the way we usually think of hope - like wishing for something that may or may not happen. Our true hope is in the surety that these promises in His Word WILL happen - we just don't know when or even how.
- Hope in the Lord is looking to Him for strength and renewal, for everything; acknowledging it is not us/our strength, but His!

Read Isaiah 40:28-29 - how do these verses give you an infusion of hope and strength?
- God is forever; there is no time without Him
- All-powerful Creator of the universe
- He doesn't get tired or weary like we do
- He gives strength to the weary
- He increases power of the weak

Think of the eagle - describe that picture:
- majestic bird
- soar - not struggling, but smooth riding on the air currents
- not wearing himself out with lots of flapping or falling
- flying high, doing what he was created to do

Can you think of a time you felt like you were acting in God's strength; soaring?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

1st Day of Spring Party

This has become a very fun tradition in our home to celebrate the First Day of Spring with all sorts of fun things like dying eggs, having an egg hunt, bunny biscuits and more!

We dyed a few real eggs but also had fun with these crafting eggs I found at Wal-Mart and some fun colored Sharpies! No kidding - we spent waaaay over an hour decorating eggs! Thank you Pinterest inspiration - I've wanted to get some Spring colored Sharpies and try this for several years, so glad we finally did it! Another fun Pinterest idea was the white balloons for them to decorate - they loved it! Oh yes, and there is Samuel with his Angry Birds collection - hilarious!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slow Day

Celebrating a sweet friend and her birthday!
Painted Canning Jars via this and this
Clay inspiration via this.
PW Crazy Brownies