Thursday, July 24, 2014

Plymouth Part Two

Next, it was a nice walk to the Pilgrim Colony. This was a definite highlight of our day and even our entire trip! I was so impressed with how open this was. Children could climb on the beds and explore not just walk through like a museum. All people working there were in costume and character. They spoke with an English accent as the early colonists would have. They were gardening and baking and working - it was just amazing to see.

Our girls wanted to move in! I think our favorite stop was an empty house where they just played and had so much fun pretending they lived there. They straightened the beds, swept, hauled the cooking pots, etc... And, the only comment they ever got from an employee was, "Thanks for all your help - that will save me time later!" I was afraid it would be much more don't-touch so we were very pleasantly surprised.

It was also a humbling day to consider the hardship. It was hot when we were there but imagine this place in the winter, with no grocery store around the corner, with struggles abounding and their very livelihood in jeopardy. They had faced tremendous opposition to arrive at this point. I did not necessarily think they left God totally out of their presentations but neither was He as central to the site as I believe He was to the Pilgrims. Of course, we were able to talk about this with our children.

I have wanted to see this place for a long time so this was one of my top favorites from our trip! We camped about thirty minutes away at Wompatuck State Park which worked out wonderfully!

This mother/daughter pair was cooking goose berries - the large white lump is sugar and she scraped some off with a knife to go into her mixture. It was fun to see day-to-day real activities being done in the homes and humbling to imagine the reality of 1620's colonists. 

We went to see the replica of the Mayflower next! And, later in the afternoon came back to the pilgrim settlement so I'll have a few more photos another day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Rachel!

You're Eight!!!!!
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Monday, July 21, 2014


After a night with friends and church the next morning - we drove to Massachusetts! It turned out to be a much longer day than anticipated due to traffic and numerous stops for tolls. But, we are thankful we made it safely and woke up the next morning ready to explore Plymouth.

Plimoth Plantation was where we started. First of all, like you probably are, I was wondering about the different spellings. An explanation on our site map stated that William Bradford used various spellings but most frequently Plimoth. So, the site has adopted this spelling to differentiate them from the town and cause less confusion. Personally, I find it confusing that they are different but that's just my two cents!

It will take me all week to share about this one day we spent here! Too much to cram into one post.

We started at the Wampanoag Settlement: